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Discover the Expert within you.

Jeff Boersma brings over 20 years of coaching experience combined with Advanced Coaching Certification to his coaching with DCS.  He holds multiple other coaching certfications.  He grew up in a family manufacturing business and understands that service needs to bring real value. Experience combined with education (Jeff holds his Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees) enables him to deliver strong results.


DCS offers 1:1 Coaching, Strategic Planning, Team Coaching, and Coach Certification.  Whether you are seasoned executive or a new manager, you can discover the Expert with you through coaching.






 Good Coaching Brings Great Benefits

 Coaching is safe...

The confidentiality and encouragement of a coaching relationship allows you to put your real foot forward instead of your best foot forward.  That trust leads to an accurate exploring of reality.  In this way, solutions are effective because they start from where you are rather than where you want to be.

Coaching is personal...

The days of pre-packaged solutions and one-size-fits-all advice are over.  Your context, market, or needs are unique and coaching celebrates that.  The personal attention, the prepared summaries of each session, and between session contact ensure that things stay personal.

Coaching is powerful...

Coaching often makes the difference between having good intentions and taking effective action.  Dreams become realities.  Callings are fulfilled.  Ideas become actions.  And the real power is the Expert within.

Coaching is spiritual...

Discovery Coaching Services is built on a foundational belief that there is a real Expert of every context, challenge, and vision.  That Expert is not just "out there" but within you.

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Dr. Jeffrey Boersma

Coaching Leads To Wise Decisions

The wisest person that ever lived wrote this 3000 years ago:

 "The purposes of a person's heart are deep waters, but someone of understanding can draw them out."           -Solomon, 1000 BC

This is the essence of coaching.  A good coach listens, asks powerful questions, and draws out of others the solutions, resources, and steps needed to move forward.