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What people have most helped you succeed?  What would be a great way to expression appreciation to them?








Free Coaching Questions Archive:


Imagine it is January 1, 2015.  What would you want your memories of the 2014 holiday season to be?  What can you do now to ensure those memories?


What are your weekly goals for rest?  What obstacles are you facing in achieving those goals? What steps could you take now to ensure those important goals are met? 


What are the best ways for you to learn- peer groups? reading? seminars? classes? workshops? web-based materials?  What intentional steps are you taking to be a lifelong learner?


Clarity is often achieved when we consider what we want to model to people like our close friends or children.  What course of action or example would you most want to model to those you care about?


What recurring issue would be valuable to address well?  What would you gain by adressing the issue in such a way that it no longer repeats itself draining you of time and energy?


What people in your life do you most trust to tell you the truth?  What would prevent from seeking out advice from those persons regarding your current situation? 


What person would you like to develop a better realtionship with?  What is an area of interest for that person that you could make as an area of study in order to enter more fully into their world? 


If you don't solve (insert the particular challenge here), what kind of difficulties will you face going forward? What won’t happen that you want to happen?


In what ways are you putting your "best foot forward" instead of your "real foot forward"?  How might this be preventing you from real progress? 


What important conversation do you find yourself trying to avoid?  What steps can you take to prepare for that conversation that would make it less likely you will avoid it in the future? 


The odds are very good that there is a person you know who enjoys and is really good at the very thing you enjoy the least. What is preventing you from bringing joy through delegating? 


Mirror work is the work you do on yourself.  Window work is the work you do that involves others.  What window work is most important right now?  What mirror work do you need to do before the window work begins? 


Imagine your current situation was a chapter in a novel, what would you want the title of the next chapter to be?  What needs to happen in the current chapter so that your next chapter can be what you want? 


If someone only had access to your checkbook and calendar, what values would that indicate you hold?  What personal values are not yet reflected in your checkbook and calendar that you have the power to change?

What are the ways you are currently functioning that are guaranteeing the results that you are now getting?

What is your most recurring self-defeating thought?  What steps could you take to begin replacing that thought when it surfaces in your mind?

Imagine it is the end of 2014 and nothing has changed in a significant part of your life.  What changes does that prompt you to make right now?

Who do you most admire?  What advice would they give you for your situation?

List some bad ideas for what you want to accomplish.  Then ask yourself: what would make these into good ideas?

What will you say "No" to so you can effectively say "Yes" to your goal?

What is one small step you can take today that would move you toward your goal and provide some good momentum?

What good would it be if you accomplished all your goals but forfeited your soul?

If you could look back 10 years from now on your current decision, what would you want that decision to be?

What are the consequences of doing nothing?

If you were the person who would follow you in your current position, what would you want you to do?

What course of action would your competition most NOT want you to take?

What priorities are not making their way into your planner, PDA, or calendar?